Harris Dvores
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All content contained in this site including scripts, plays, scores, games, skits, poems, photographs, mp3's (music and spoken word) are the original work of Harris Dvores unless otherwise stated.

The clipart was collected over time from the internet from 'freeware' and 'royalty free' graphics sites. I haven't been able to track down their sources. If one of them belongs to you, I would be more than happy to give you credit, or, if you prefer, to remove it from the website.

Special thanks to: Frank Starchak who played most of the instruments on Throughout Time, Steve Sheffler for his help composing "Even This", "Blameless" and "Chosen", Julie Neidlinger for designing the scroll on the Throughout Time CD, and Paradigm Productions LLC for the Mayor card artwork.

Website concept, design, logo's and navigational graphics are the combined work of Harris Dvores and Tracey Howard-Baker of AWDesign.

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