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Congratulations on downloading AfterWords , the challenging new word game by Harris Dvores. AfterWords has many features that make it addictive:

No waiting between turns
No games spoiled by one player having 'bad luck'
Any number of people can play (with multiple sets).
Minimal set-up time

Your AfterWords Game Set includes:

4 Game Boards and 4 Sets of Letter Tiles in the following colors and themes:

Also included are:
After Words Game
Sample Game Sheet
Scoring and Letter Distribution Chart
30 card Placement Deck
Print out the Game Boards and Letters on heavy stock paper. The trimmed size of the boards should be 7.5" x 10.25". Tiles should be roughly .75" each. Several blank tiles are included on the tile sheets. These are not part of the game, but may be kept to replace lost letters.

The Placement Card deck is separated into 5 pages of 6 cards each. Print them out on heavy card stock, and if desired, run them through on the flip side to print the backs of the cards using the CardBacks file.

The Rules are just 2 pages, and can be printed on normal paper. You'll find the Sample Game sheet very helpful in understanding how the rules work, and the Chart makes scoring much easier.

If your first set begins to show wear and tear, consider reprinting and laminating the boards and letter sheets to keep them in mint shape. Click Here to download the Afterwords game pieces, rules and instructions in .zip format 4.9MB (you will need Winzip or similar to unpack it). All the instructions on this page are located in the Read First file!

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