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I've always loved games! Through the years, I've invented dozens of games of skill and strategy. My favorites are posted here.


Astropoly © Harris Dvores, 2019 A game of Monopoly® among the stars!

In this futuristic trading game for 2 or 3 players, chart your course to maximum profit while interacting with dozens of unique worlds, galactic events and space pirates! Use tractors to shift direction mid-roll, and worm holes to jump to far-off Sectors. The possibilities are endless, and the components are beautiful, as you can see...  (view bank)

Rails Across Africa © Harris Dvores, 2014
An amazing "Train Game" where 2-4 players bid for contracts from African cities desperate for natural resources, then design train routes across the continent to connect those cities with the mines that will supply them. The board is an accurate soils map of Africa, and the cost of installing track is based on the type of soil where it is laid. Players also deliver animals to zoos and earn bonus points by connecting cities. This "Train Game" has it all! Special thanks to Dean Larkin for his help with board and card artwork.

Home Design Challenge © Harris Dvores, 2014
Are you someone who loves to play with home designs, thinking of ways to make them better? This game is for you! Each of 2-4 players starts with a "footprint" showing the foundation for their house. Players then bid for rooms of different sizes, shapes and architectural styles. The goal is to fill up your home with rooms that create the best floor plan and yield the most bonus points. Very challenging!

War of the Rings © Harris Dvores, 2014
A "worker placement" game based on Peter Jackson's screen adaptation of Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien ©. All players "are" Frodo, seeking to acquire allies with special powers as they travel Middle Earth to destroy the One Ring. Instead of workers, players allocate their "rings of power". An "Alter Fate" option allows for many paths to victory. A game so intense, players are emotionally spent by the end! Special thanks to David McCoy who carved the wooden "Wheel of Battle".

Out of this World Game Out of this World © Harris Dvores, 2013
A fast-paced bidding game set in outer space.
Fans of Medici ® and other classic bidding games will love the unique mechanics.

States Game STATES © Paladia Games, Inc., 2008
In this colorful card game for children and adults, each card is a different state. You can't help but learn geography when playing STATES; instead of memorizing, you learn by understanding. Buy a set now for just $9.95!

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Jackpot Deluxe Game Jackpot Deluxe © Harris Dvores, 2015
A whimsical, fast-paced dice rolling game for 2-4 players
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Outpost Game Image OUTPOST Expansion Cards
OUTPOST, published by Stronghold Games, LLC, is one of my favorite games of all time. Now, with their permission, I have developed an alternate set of "kicker" cards, that takes OUTPOST to a whole new level. Many more strategies, fewer 'runaway' games. If you play OUTPOST, don't miss this!
Download Outpost Kicker Cards | Stronghold Games Site

Expansion Game Image Expansion © Harris Dvores, 2016
A vast tech-driven space colonization game for 2-4 players. Start each turn competing for opportunities on the "Mission Priority" board, then take actions based on the choices made. A worthy successor to Outpost® for those who love a futuristic empire-building game!
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Sanctuary Game Image Sanctuary © Harris Dvores, 2012 A fast-paced bidding game for 2-4 players. "Learn all you can... Save all you can!" Your convoy of 19th century ships has discovered a sinking archipelago overflowing with exotic animals, plants and minerals. Compete against other players to save as many different species as possible before the islands sink!
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Native Lands Game Native Lands © Harris Dvores, 2011, 2012
An easy to learn settlement game for 2 4 players, where turns take just seconds. Lots of choices, and you never can tell who is winning until the end. Check out the beautiful rules and illustrations...

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Alchemy Game Alchemy © Harris Dvores, 2009
An exploration and resource management game for 2-3 players. Combine different color powders to gain special abilities, or find the best trading routes to maximize your profit. Written for my wife, Jenny, who has the unfortunate habit of nearly always winning at this game!
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Heroes of the Solar System Game Heroes of the Solar System © Harris Dvores, 2009
An educational science game for 2-4 players who provide supplies to mankind's colonies throughout the solar system. The colonists on each planet need different things to survive, and award "Rescue Points" to the player who offers them the most of what they need. Especially fun when you play teams!
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Fantasy Franchise Game Fantasy Franchise © Harris Dvores, 2010
A real estate game where players purchase franchises, lease space in central Florida malls, and eventually purchase the malls themselves! Enormous depth with everything from movie theatres to Mall Security. Nearly all the names are tongue in cheek... my favorite franchises include "Nearly Honest Lawyers" and "Bad Breath and Beyond". The movie names are hilarious!

Castles and Caverns Game Castles & Caverns © Harris Dvores, 2010
My first fantasy game in nearly 20 years! Your ultimate goal is to build the most beautiful castle, but along the way you'll face numerous challenges. Magic and swordplay combine with bidding and strategy, and of course, lots of treasure!

After Words Game AfterWords © Harris Dvores, 2004
Combines the best elements of Scrabble®, Boggle® & Bingo! Each Player controls their own board, and as letters are randomly selected, decides where to place them. The player who makes the highest scoring words wins! Play solitaire or with any number of friends.
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Independence Game Independence ! © Harris Dvores, 2003
A strategy game for 3-5 players, who compete as Colonial Governors during the American Revolution. Allocate resources to achieve your economic, diplomatic and military objectives. This is a detailed game with tremendous variety. Would sell for over $40 in stores.
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Star Empire Game Star Empire © Harris Dvores, 2005
A 2-person space epic for board gamers, inspired by Master of Orion ®, my favorite PC game. Managing your empire's resources is critical as you expand from a single star system to the dominant power in the galaxy. Incredible diversity, yet can be played in a single evening. Contact me if you would like the files.
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Army For Sale Game Army For Sale © Harris Dvores, 2007
A bidding/military conquest game for 3 or 4 players. Recruit the best officers to lead your armies in Part I of the game, then choose how to deploy them in a battle for Europe in part II. Medici ® players will love the myriad of factors that influence the bidding, and fans of Stratego ® will appreciate the familiar officer corps. Contact me if you would like the files.

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Marble Chase Game Marble Chase © Harris Dvores, 2011
My first dexterity game! Simple to learn, but surprisingly challenging game for 2-4 players. Race to become the first player to collect 20 points in each color. Equal parts skill, strategy and luck keep the outcome in doubt until the end. Those circular cutouts create the craziest marble paths!
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Cubix Game Cubix © Harris Dvores, 2016
A game of manual dexterity and quick thinking for 2-4 players.

Four Score Game Four Score © Harris Dvores, 2006
A challenging word game for 2 or more players. Each player gets their own board and a set of blue, green and gold tiles. Each round, players draw 4 of each color tile, then arrange the tiles to form words on their board. The trick is that in any word, only one color tile will score at full value. Double squares and secret wagers add to the excitement. Contact me if you would like the files.
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Space Ace Game Space Ace © Harris Dvores, 2007
A futuristic "fighter pilot" game for 2 to 4 players. Players’ ships circle the solar system, shifting orbits and speeds to gain position on their targets. Beautiful components simulate the cockpit of your starship, while special technology cards and random planet placement insure that each game will present new challenges. Contact me if you would like the files.

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Space Chess Game Space Chess © Harris Dvores, 1981, 2004
Two evenly matched fleets of ships face each other in a battle for control of the galaxy. Special components enable players to move their ships simultaneously! Hidden King ships and changing ship strengths make this game far less structured than ordinary chess. If you like to "out-think" your opponent, this is the game for you!
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Portfolio Game Portfolio (Playable on any Apple II computer) © Harris Dvores, 1983
See who can earn the most money in this fast-paced strategy game. Solitaire and multi-player modes. Rave reviews by national critics... "As good or better than any strategy game on the market... From beginning to end, it gleams with quality" (Softalk Magazine, Dec. 1983).

After 20 years, I still play this game regularly. It's that good. Pick up an Apple II on Ebay for a few bucks and see for yourself. Visit the Garage to purchase one of my remaining sets.
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Mayor of Metropolis Game Mayor of Metropolis (for Monopoly® owners) © Harris Dvores, 2002
Imagine your Monopoly® board transformed into a city! In "Mayor", you can build on properties as soon as you buy them. Forty special abilities, travelling through the board on interconnected railroads, and surprise elections combine to make "Mayor" one of the most fun games you'll ever play!
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Mayor of Metropolis Game Mayor of Metropolis (original version) © Harris Dvores, 2002
Probably the most beautiful board game I've seen. Similar to "Mayor" above, but with all original components. Unique "CityPads" replace deeds, enabling players to view the entire city at a glance. Too much to be downloaded.

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Mayor of Metropolis Game Deluxe Mayor of Metropolis © Harris Dvores, 2010

A sleek new version of Mayor, styled to go with a Deluxe Monopoly® game. Several new Mayor cards, updated artwork, and a new tile, the Salon!

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Space Trader Game Space Trader © Harris Dvores, 2003
A futuristic bidding game for 2-4 players. Win Victory Points by selling Member Worlds the goods they want most, like chocolate, weapons and artwork! Short play time (less than an hour), simple choices and close endings make this game a favorite.
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Alpha Base Game Alpha Base © Harris Dvores, 2008
A multi-player colony development game, inspired by Outpost ® . Each player decides the best way to grow their colony, with lots of bidding and resource allocation throughout the game. Alpha Base delivers three hours of challenging choices and intense competition! Contact me if you would like the files.
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The Challenge Game The Challenge © Harris Dvores, 2005
An exciting game of strategy for 2 players. Through bidding, purchases and training, both players prepare their knights for the duel that will determine the winner. Each of the game's four stages rewards a different type of skill, so the possibilities are amazing!
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Countdown Game Countdown! © Harris Dvores, 2018
A timer-based puzzle race to the finish line for 2 or 4 players.

Color My Word Game Color My Word © Harris Dvores, 2003
An easy to learn word game for 2 or 3 players. Letters are Red, Green and Blue Tiles, with White and Gold special Tiles. Tiles only score if they're placed on the right color square! A great alternative for Scrabble® fans.
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Color Quest Game Color Quest © Harris Dvores, 1983, 1997
A magical strategy game for 2-3 players. Players travel the board using color, acquiring gold, gems and magical abilities. A computer-assisted board game, where room contents are preselected by computer, and hints progressively revealed to players. Incredible depth and variety. Too much to be downloaded.
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Balance of Power Game Balance of Power © Harris Dvores, 1979, 2000
A 2-person war game played on a different map each time. Loads of strategic and tactical decisions involving air, land and sea forces, circa mid-20th century technology. Acetate overlays allow for force reductions and map changes. Only for the serious... games last 20-40 hours.
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Card Games

Clockworks Game Image Clockworks © Harris Dvores, 1986, 2004
Clockworks is a variant of seven card stud poker for up to 7 players. A common card, dealt face up in the center of the table at the start of the game, determines the "special suit" for the hand. When a card of that suit is dealt face up, a player may pay to exchange it for a new one. Replaced cards go in the center of the table, temporarily changing the common card, and are available for purchase by subsequent players. Clockworks is an exciting game that keeps you in suspense the entire hand!
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Revolver Game Image Revolver © Harris Dvores, 2002
Revolver is a variant of seven card stud poker for up to 7 players. Players are dealt two down cards, then 2 rows of up cards are placed in the center of the table. Players take turns (clockwise) picking an up card from the first row, and then pick (counterclockwise) from the second row. The procedure is repeated for the last two up cards. In Revolver, players can foresee how their hand (and their opponents' hands) may develop, which greatly increases the opportunity for skillful play and defensive strategy!
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Auction Poker Game Image Auction Poker © Harris Dvores, 2002
Auction Poker is a card game for 3-5 people in which bidding replaces betting, and quickness of thought replaces bluffing! Players are given bidding cards to play in auctions to acquire cards for their hand. At the end of the hand, points are awarded based on how good a poker hand they have. Bonus points are awarded to the best hand, and side bets at the end create suspense. The game continues until one player has accumulated 15 points.
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Dvores Bridge Bidding System © Harris Dvores, 1979
Back in my college days, I took up bridge with a passion. I was intrigued with the challenge of conveying as much information as possible within the limited space afforded by bridge bidding rules. I taught Marilyn my bidding system and we practiced endlessly on our way to representing Vassar in the Nationals. My system was so different that we were practically thrown out of several bridge clubs!
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