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Throughout Time Album Cover Throughout Time CD
This album has a wide variety of musical styles: from soft worship and acoustic ballads to Christian hard rock.

Visit the Study for further information including free downloadable tracks from the album.

On sale for $10 plus shipping. Email me to purchase.

Portfolio Game PORTFOLIO
A Creative Simulation of the Investment World for the Apple II (retailed at $64.95). On sale for $12.00 plus shipping. Email me to purchase.

Read Reviews for further information.


Non-Profit Uses: You may freely copy, distribute and/or use any of the Creative Works on this site, and any derivative works thereof, provided that authorship of the work is appropriately attributed to me (written use must include my copyright notice). However, any material modification of my Creative Works must be approved by me prior to your use.

For-Profit Uses: You must obtain my advance consent for any "for profit" use of my Creative Works or any derivative thereof.

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