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Ducks on the Water - True story of Jenny's heroic battle against two large otters that threatened her feathered friends!
Lyrics > Sample > Download > Watch video

Arena Rock - High energy rock intro for large sporting events or concerts
Sample 416kb > Download 1.4MB

Isn't There Anything More? (written for Ben Hur - The Musical)
Sung by Judah ben Hur after defeating his arch enemy in the great chariot race. Very powerful!
Lyrics > Sample 497 kb > Download 1.4MB

Now is the Time (Soft Rock) - A thought-provoking song about the most important choice in life.
Lyrics > Sample 518kb > Download 3.1MB

Chosen (Soft Rock) - The first song I recorded! Interweaves the old and new covenants to show the brotherhood of Jews and Christians.
Lyrics > Sample 351kb > Download 2.7MB

Shout for Joy! (Instrumental version) - Praise music
Lyrics > Download 1.1MB

Praise Him! (Instrumental version) - Praise music
Lyrics > Download 1.1MB

Thy Way/My Way (Christian parody of the Frank Sinatra Hit).
Lyrics and Story

El Shaddai Fulfilled (A new ending to Michael Card's song)
Lyrics and Story

Because of You (Lyrics and Story)
Lyrics and Story

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