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Star Trek Federation Logo In 1990, inspired by the amazing Star Trek: TNG season 3 cliffhanger, "The Best of Both Worlds," I felt compelled to create an episode myself. Lacking any formal training or experience in script writing, I checked out several books from the library and went to work. Three weeks later, my first script, "The Next Dimension," was on its way, unsolicited, to Paramount Pictures.

Months went by with no word. Then one day, Star Trek called! The producers were impressed with my writing and offered me the opportunity to write for the series. Unfortunately, the timing was wrong. Having just made partner at Maguire & Dvores, P.A., I had too many responsibilities to go to L.A.

Through the years, Iíve kept up with writing Star Trek scripts. Posted below is the original script I sent to Star Trek: TNG, and two other favorites of mine. I hope that you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them!

© Harris Dvores, 1990 (set in the 4th season) The Enterprise must solve the mystery of a phenomenon that threatens the very fabric of time and space.

Not By Might © Harris Dvores, 1993 The Ferengi discover an alien ship so advanced as to be invulnerable to attack. They demand the immediate surrender of the Federation.

The Mission © Harris Dvores, 2010 A visitor from the 21st century has a profound impact on the Enterprise.

2011 Update.... I've become the lead writer for a team that has worked for years to bring the next Star Trek series to television.
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