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A Contemporary Christian Musical
by Harris Dvores © 1993

Nearly all Christian plays and musicals are about the life and death of Christ. But, as important as these historical events were, the average person wants to know about who God is right now in their life. Through humor, conflict, challenged stereotypes and memorable songs, The Transformation explores the many ways that becoming a Christian will change a person's life.

There are 6 songs in the Musical. You may download them all now, and listen to each song as it appears, or you may download snippets/individual songs during the Musical. Image of a Cross

(What Must I) Do To Be Saved
Sample 353 kb > Full Mp3: 3.3MB (3.36)

Ode To The Holy Spirit
Sample 354 kb > Full Mp3: 1.4MB (1.33)

You Are God
Sample 457 kb > Full Mp3: 3.3MB (3.38)

Prayer Warrior
Sample 464 kb > Full Mp3: 3.0MB (3.15)

Even This
Sample 445 kb > Full Mp3: 5.1MB (5.30)

Sample 445 kb > Full Mp3: 3.7MB (3.59)

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