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Dec 17: Added rules to Jackpot Deluxe in the games section, and "Good Enough?", "Hope, in a Season of Loss" and "Must Christians Confess Their Sins to be Forgiven?" to the sermons section.

Oct 16: Added Expansion to the games section.

Oct 16: Added Cubix to the games section, and "Trusting God in Difficult Times" and "Faith & Science" to the sermons section.

Oct 15: Added "Ducks on the Water" to the Songs section, Jackpot Deluxe to the games section, plus "Whatever You Do..." to the sermons section.

Nov 14: Added Rails Across Africa, Home Design Challenge and War of the Rings to the games section, plus "Understanding Grace" and "The Covenant of Grace" to the sermons section.

Nov 13: Added Out of this World to the games section plus The Power of Forgiveness and How to Forgive Yourself to the sermons section.

Aug 12: Added two new sermons updated Native Lands plus added Sanctuary and Outpost Kicker Cards to the games section.

Dec 11: Native Lands is the latest addition in games.

Nov 11: Latest additions include a new game, Marble Chase plus a new sermon Why Support the Bible League and exciting news in the Star Trek Scripts.

Nov 10: New additions include two new games, Fantasy Franchise, Castles & Caverns, an updated Alchemy and a Deluxe Mayor of Metropolis, plus new sermon What to Say to God's Chosen People and update to the Personal section.

Apr 10: New additions include The Mission to the Star Trek Scripts.

Dec 09: New additions include an update to the Personal section and gallery.

Nov 09: New additions include Alchemy and Heroes of the Solar System in the Games section, plus new sermons The Power in You, Whose Side Are You On?, Whose Will Be Done?, Who Are God's Chosen People? in the Media Room plus an update to my personal journey in the Kitchen

Oct 08: New additions include Alpha Base in the Games section with link to STATES at Paladia Games, plus new sermon Making Sense of Life in the Media Room.

Nov 07: New additions include What To Do when You Are Suffering and Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People? in the Media Room, Army For Sale, Four Score and Space Ace added to the Games Room plus an update to my personal journey in the Kitchen.

Sep 06: New additions include The Power of Forgiveness and Got Stuck Sermons in the Media Room, Star Empire added to the Games Room and our 25th Wedding Anniversary photo in the Kitchen.

Nov 05: New additions include The Challenge in the Games section, Thy Way lyrics on the Songs section, revised Sharing Your Faith handout and new sermon entitled, "Sharing in the Spirit" available from the Media Room.

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