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Mayor of Metropolis
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Welcome to Mayor of Metropolis! This game of strategy builds on Monopoly®, the most popular board game of all time, by transforming your standard board into a city, and creating all sorts of new options and player abilities.

In order to play this version of Mayor of Metropolis, you must first have a copy of Monopoly®, which is owned by Hasbro, Inc., and sold at games stores everywhere. Though there are numerous changes, where not superseded by the instructions, Monopoly® rules apply.

This download includes everything else you need to play Mayor of Metropolis, including:

  1. The game board insert, which fits inside your Monopoly® board
  2. The Metropolis Card deck (40 cards, front and back)
  3. The Main Terminal Deck (24 cards, front and back)
  4. A sheet of 16 Player Color Tokens and 6 Lake Tokens
  5. The Building Permit Deck (12 cards)
  6. Rules
  7. Illustrations for Rules Page 1 & Page 2
  8. Quick Start Sheet Metropolis Card List
  9. Metropolis Card List (front and back)
10. Discount Table

Item 1, the game board insert, is 14"x14". If your Monopoly® board is a slightly different size, you can scale the image up or down in size so that the insert will fit properly. Because of the insert's size, you may want to split the image into two 7 x 14 files, or even 4 smaller files so that it will print easily on your home printer. For the best results, I recommend laminating the finished product, then taping the undersides of the insert's corners to the Monopoly® board.

Item 2 consists of 5 files, 4 of which are the names of the cards (10 per page), and the other is the artwork printed on the reverse side of the cards. The cards are 3" x 1.75" each. Depending on your printer, you may need to make minor adjustments to the files so that they print perfectly. The cards should be printed on heavy white card stock.

Item 3 consists of two files, each of which is 6" x 9" image. Set margins to 1.25" wide and 1" top and bottom so that the front and back of the cards align perfectly. Print on heavy white cover stock.

Item 4 is a single file. Follow the sizing instructions on the sheet. Print on heavy white cover stock.

Item 5 is a single file. Print it out twice on regular paper to generate 12 building permits.

Item 6 is the Rules (text only). They should be approximately 7 pages. Check for page breaks and formatting so that it prints properly on your system.

Item 7, the color illustrations to go with the Rules, consists of two files, each a full page image.

Item 8 is a single, one page file.

Item 9 consists of two 8 1/2" x 11" image files. Change paper orientation from portrait to landscape, and print ListFront on a heavy card stock sheet, then print ListBack on the reverse side.

Item 10 is a single, one page image file.

Credits: The Mayor of Metropolis card logo was designed for SuperFun Games, Inc. by Paradigm Productions, L.L.C. Various elements of the game were created using WordPerfect Office Suite 2000®, owned by Corel Corporation.

Download Mayor of Metropolis © 1.3MB zip file

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