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Color My Word
Download Instructions

Welcome to Color My Word! This download includes everything you need to play, including:

Color My Word Game 1. The game board
2. The Letters
3. Instruction Manual

Item 1, the game board, will fit on a single 8 " x 11" sheet of card stock.

Item 2 has 5 groups of colored letters. There are two ways of printing them out. One is to print out each section on card stock of that color. The advantage of this method is that the backs of the tiles will automatically be the correct color.

A second method is to print everything out on white card stock, adding color to the tiles inside the WP program. You can print all the letters on 1 page this way, but you'll need to create a back side for the page so that the flip side of the letters is the right color.

Item 3 is the Instruction Manual and 2 Scoring Cards.

Click Here to download the Color My Word game pieces, rules and instructions in .zip format (you will need Winzip or similar to unpack it).

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