Independence Board Game
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Welcome to Independence, a strategy game of tremendous depth and variety. All of the components you need to play are included, except for a 6-sided die (D6) and a 10-sided die (D10). A typical game will run around 3 hours, or 2 hours for a short game, though game length may vary depending on the number of players and their familiarity with the rules.

$1 Sheet
$5 Sheet Independence Game
$10 Sheet
Game Board
Event List
Event Cards
Victory Points
Diplomatic Points
Governor Cards
Governor Card Backs
Goods & Prices
Reference Sheets
Statesmen & Treaties

Independence was created with WordPerfect . If you have access to WordPerfect , you can download all the files at once in zipped format. If you don't have access to WordPerfect , you can still print out all game components by printing each page of the HTML files shown above.

Printing instructions:

$1 Sheet - Print 4 sheets of $1 bills on plain white paper.

$5 Sheet - Print 3 sheets of $5 bills on plain white paper.

$10 Sheet - Print 3 sheets of $10 bills on plain white paper

Game Board - Print on white card stock (WP users - set margins at " and enlarge picture to 8" x 10").

Rules and Instruction Manual - Print on white paper (WP users - the rules are formatted as an 8 page, 5 " x 8 " booklet. Click on two-sided printing, then click print as booklet. Print the odd pages, then feed them into your printer upside down and print the even pages. If you have difficulty, just print the rules in standard format from the HTML link above).

Armies - Print on white card stock.

Colonies - Print on cream colored card stock (the color is not important, as long as it does not match the color of other game components).

Territories - Print on cream colored card stock.

Event List - Print on white card stock. (WP users - Print in landscape format, using both sides of the sheet).

Event Cards - Print all 4 pages on white card stock.

Victory Points - Print on red card stock.

Diplomatic Points - Print on green card stock.

Governor Cards - Print all 3 pages on white card stock. Before cutting out the cards, run them through the printer upside down to print the Governor Card Backs.

Governor Card Backs - Print on reverse side of Governor Cards.

Goods & Prices - Print on white card stock.

Reference Sheets - You'll need 2 sheets of heavy card stock in 5 different colors (yellow, orange, light red, light green and light blue are recommended). Print the Reference Sheets 5 times, one for each color. Pages 1 & 2 are printed on 2 halves of the same sheet, so that when it is folded in the middle, it forms a privacy screen as shown in the picture above (print page 1, then rotate the sheet 180 degrees and feed it through the printer so that it prints page 2 on the other half of the page, facing backwards).

The "cubes" on page 3 are an inexpensive alternative to the 3/8" wood cubes that the game was designed to use. If you want the real thing, purchase a 100 unit bag and paint the cubes to match the colors of the Player Reference sheets.

Statesmen & Treaties - Print on white card stock.

Click Here to download the Independence game pieces, rules and instructions in .zip format (you will need Winzip or similar to unpack it).

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